Speedy Gonzalez Cleaning Services
My client had a current logo designed by another designer. She contacted me asking me to design her business cards, however, upon looking at her logo I noticed there was a major issue. My client was using a logo which contained a copyrighted image.
I worked with my client to come up with a new logo which better fit her business and wouldn't land her in trouble. She designed the avatar and I re-drew it and added in the glove and spray bottle. The circle within the image is symbolic of a window being cleaned. She allowed me to choose her colour theme, and I chose green and maroon. 
The green is a representation of use of all natural products in her cleaning services. The maroon is her favourite colour and she wears this as part of religious attire. Both together, they work as complimentary colours. 
I designed her business card and website also. She loved the final product achieved.

Her logo is now ready for use in her social accounts and marketing.