I love the bush
This project was created for several reasons.
The first one was for an assessment for Graphic Design for the subject motion design in which we needed to create a video of a topic of our choosing.

My partner and I manage a Youtube channel called I love the bush. It has been live for the past 2 years and we were wanting to rebrand the channel as well as improve the video quality. It was the perfect opportunity to  do all of this for my assessment.
I firstly created a new logo with the assistance of my partner which he designed and I vectorised. We decided to create a word-gram as well as a pictorial logo.
The second step was to film the promotional video, edit and motion design which was completed within a time frame of 3 months. 

Below is the result of all of that hard work which earned me a HD in class. 
My thanks go to my amazing partner as well as Andy Marsh and Hugo Presser for all of their inspiration, patience and dedication. 

This has made me want to continue learning more about film and as such, I have transferred my studies to a Bachelor of Film and Video. 
Pictogram (logo)
Pictogram (logo)
Wordgram (logo)
Wordgram (logo)