Claudia Williams
Confidence Coach
Claudia is a confidence coach whose aim is to empower women to be their true self, to help others heal and find meaning in their lives. 
Claudia was after a personal sacred geometric design to convey her work ethics and personal values. The design I created for her also reflects the story her clients have gone through and what they can become within themselves.

She asked me to try the infinity symbol and triangle intertwined together to symbolise unity and strength.
Claudia loved the meaning behind the infinity symbol which symbolises eternity. The triangle being the strongest shape of all fit perfectly with the design. 
I made 2 separate versions of her logo as capturing the gold foil look is difficult in a vector design particularly if its going to be used in print. On this occasion, she is able to use her gold foil version on her facebook page as well as website, and the standard gold for all print merchandise. There is of course, the addition of black and white versions for any other application.